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Vintage Wall Decor

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  • Gold Ornate Mirror

    Gold Ornate Mirror

  • Syrocco Floral Wall Hanging

    Syrocco Floral Wall Hanging

  • Large and Elegant Gold Arch Pediment

    Large and Elegant Gold Arch Pediment

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Vintage Wall Decor: Prints, Tapestries & Portraits

It becomes completely necessary to decorate your walls if you are aiming to replicate the vintage style, because if you were to put up something such as standard posters or pictures it would ruin your vintage motif. Keep your style authentic by reaching back into historical decorations to get an idea of what will be most helpful and appealing. There should always be a subtle flow or at least a lot of color palette compatibility. French Kings from the Victorian and even the Baroque era used many unique wall hangings besides the typical lamp or even painting. Vintage wall decor is perfect for any room in your cottage!