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Eloquence Furniture Collection: French Reproduction Furniture

The idea behind the Eloquence Furniture Collection was to create furniture with such elegance that it needed no explanation. The pieces should speak for themselves. Eloquence pieces will be treasured & appreciated from generation to generation. With our Antique Reproduction pieces we endeavor to capture the essence of the Louis XV & XVI French styles, re-styling them to suit everyday use. These elegant pieces are reminiscent of the French vintage styles common to the old country. Create your own French getaway with vintage furniture from the Eloquence Collection! The Bella Cottage carries many pieces from the Eloquence Furniture Collection including French reproduction furniture such as chairs, chests, armories, benches and even mirrors so you're sure to find something for every room in your house!

French reproduction furniture can enhance any room. This vintage furniture will immediately add a touch of class to your overall motif and is sure to draw more than one look. Your guests will be so impressed with your style, they'll ask you repeatedly where you buy your vintage furniture!