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Our customer, D. Stanley, sent us this gorgeous photo of her home featuring custom upholstered furniture & side tables from our store. Everything looks so beautiful and dreamy! What a romantic room, wouldn't you say? Thank you for sharing this photo with us! D. Stanley
June 5, 2016
Our amazing customer, Ms. Parker, shared with us this stunning photo of her living room filled with furniture purchased from our store. We're so in love with her style! Wouldn't you love to spend forever lounging in this space? Congratulations Ms. Parker and thank you for your purchase! Ms. Parker
May 30, 2016
MJ is loving the chair!! Thanks again. We love everything! You're the best! Love Kayla and MJ xoxo Kayla and MJ
May 10, 2016
I am so excited to share that I finally found the right chairs for my Great Room. I have had such a difficult time incorporating my Cottage Themed idea of a home decor with my Pottery Barn leather couch we purchased last year. I can tell you that I have scoured the internet several times over and been to every boutique and flea market to find something that sparks an interest! I finally found them where I originally purchased my two other white chairs. These new chairs finally arrived yesterday from The Bella Cottage and I am so glad they fit in my home perfectly! xoox, tracie Cross posted from: http://fishtailcottage.blogspot.com/2016/04/great-room-chairs.html Tracie
April 25, 2016
[The Bella Cottage], Thank you for the wonderful email, you truly have a heart of gold and a very special gift that many people don't [possess], so you should be very proud of yourself. The customer service I have received has been above and beyond my expectations, you have no idea how wonderful it is working with someone that makes you feel appreciated. Due to this, you completely sold me on every level of service and kindness possible. I just wanted to drop you a line and once again say Thank You and I look forward and am honored to be on your side as a buyer. B.J.W.
February 1, 2016
You have all been so wonderful to work with! I just love the items I've purchased from your lovely store! The room is a personal haven of Peace and beauty. M.S.
January 5, 2016
I absolutely love the armoire! It is fabulous, and it is my favorite piece of furniture in the room... The armoire is really bringing everything together. Thanks so much!. K. Duvall
October 5, 2015
We were happy to provide the furnishings for a fabulous Los Angeles based clothing boutique! Our designers helped customize and build clothing racks, and shelves. We also found gorgeous vintage furnishings such as a stunning armoire, desk, benches and more! The result is a stunning, elegant, French inspired space. Fabulous Los Angeles Boutique!
August 9, 2015
I love her! She's amazing. Thanks so much for packing her so safely!...I've gotten a zillion compliments, I couldn't be happier. Tammy
August 4, 2015
Your products make everything so easy to do and the results are just fabulous. I plan on doing over my 4 poster this summer with the large rose swags and my dressers too. J. Veiga
May 12, 2015