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About US

The Bella Cottage Inc.

It all started when my husband and I bought our first home together and he left me in charge of furnishing it. I logged onto the Internet and started shopping for the furnishings for our new home. I found that most of the shabby furniture available was "Spanish" style, oversized, cheaply made with pine, painted white, with chunky stuck on appliqués. I sought out a local quality craftsman I know and trust and located superior materials to create the true authentic look I desired for my home and started furnishing it.

After my furniture was delivered, I began buying bedding and linens online for the newly decorated rooms and started selling the ones I didn't want or need on eBay. After months of buying and selling, I realized I was getting more email about the furniture that displayed the bedding than the bedding itself! I realized that I was not the only one who had a difficult time finding great romantic cottage style furniture. I too had searched high and low for delicate "vintage looking" furniture that was new, affordable and made to last! That is when the vision of The Bella Cottage came alive! On my site (www.thebellacottage.com), you will find handmade custom furniture, specialty "one of a kind" vintage items, as well as home furnishings and accents. We will continue to add new items on a regular basis so come back as often as you like. We have included a message board where people like you can chat and discuss home furnishings or whatever you like! I want this to be a place for all who love this style of furniture to feel at home.